Announcing our website refresh!

2784 RCAC (GGFG) Cadets Support Committee and CIC Staff are pleased to announce the refresh of our website which is primarily designed to provide relevant and effective information for our cadets and their families.

New structure and better home for content

The new site is hosted on a clean, modern blog design and features several renewed sections including:

This is where the bulk of content created by cadets, CIC staff and volunteer will be posted. All of this will be controlled, verified and managed by adult volunteers and CIC staff. This using the latest mobile technology available, that gives an almost live journalistic flavour. If our newsletter is any indication the cadets will take this on with zeal to be the best promoters of our Corps and the Cadet Program. These posts are to be aimed at disclosing details; both in terms of what these youth are planning and participating.

Files & Links:
Both these pages have been cleaned up of broken links and are much more relevant.

Summer Camps:
A fully revised and up to date listing for information concerning Cadet Summer training requirements and the different programs and locations that cadets get assigned.

Twitter / Flickr / Facebook:
You can now follow from our site via links or live stream the 2784 Cadets existing social networking in order to receive fast, up-to-the minute updates and answers to your questions. This also includes “Email to”, and “Share” buttons at the bottom of each article or blog entry.

This rework allows for *much* easier posting, updates and revisions without having special tools and powers. Stay tuned!

Many thanks to Jamie! SquareSpace rocks!

If you have ANY ideas please get in touch with us.

On behalf of all cadets, parents and the Support Committee
Up the Guards!

Michel Asboth
Chair SuppComm


PS Thanks also to Leo @ Twit Network for the ongoing tech education.


Cadet Newsletter 2012 Issue 2

This newsletter is created and managed by our cadets.



Cadet Newsletter 2012 Issue 1

This newsletter is created and managed by our cadets.


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