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Wednesday 31 May 2017

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C1 Ceremonial Dress (Tunic with Tie and Medals)

(Bring Tunics and any Badges needed sewn)

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Announcement - Guards Cadet Bursary

The 2784 Support Committee are pleased to announce the availably of the annual Guards cadet post secondary bursary for any cadet who has been accepted to post-secondary studies. This as announced in June 2016 by our most generous benefactor, past Cadet Commanding Officer Mr. David Luxton. The details have been confirmed and submissions are now open to all cadets of 2016-2017 these must be recieved no later than August 18th for awarding in early September. Please see this Memorandum of Understanding for details to be posted to Corps Standing Orders.

These are divided up into the following 3 levels Gold $5000, Silver $3000 and Bronze $1500. Cadets are to make a submission to be considered as recipients of these awards to be used for their Post-Secondary academic studies or skills training.
Up The Guards!

Michel Asboth
ACL - Liaison Officer
2784 RCACC (GGFG)                                                                                 


Support Committee meeting postponed one week - Open Nominations, Elections

Support Committee Meeting is postponed one week and will be held Wed. 2017-05-17 Heritage Boardroom - Cartier Square Drill Hall @1830hrs.

Hello Parents and Guardians of cadets. Are you curious as to how all the activities are organized and funded? Do you wish to gather information from the source?

Our meetings are always open, you are invited to attend the Support Committee meeting!

The Cadet year is winding down and the Support Committee is looking to see if you wish to follow and help your cadet as a volunteer next year! We have positions availalble and also accept any amount of time and skills you wish to donate in support of the biggest and best youth program in Canada.

Do you drop your cadet off downtown and return again later? Do consider staying the evening, meet staff, volunteers and get more information about the Canadian Cadet Organization. All offers of help are welcome!

If you have any other questions or concerning volunteering do email the committee HERE.

Ed Mitchell
Outgoing Chairperson

Michel Asbóth
ACL Liaison Officer 2784 RCACC (GGFG)


Legion Medal

Please review the attached letter regarding the Legion Medal.

Essays are due to the CO no later than April 5th.



High School Credits Available

Capt Sandy MacDonald has put a lot of work into creating a Cadet Co-op programme to earn High school credits.

The attached file has a lot of information. If interested please make contact with me. Capt MacDonalds contact is at the bottom of the forms if you or your parents have specific questions.


Credits Info


Happy New Year and Sponsorship Announcement

Happy New Year to all GGFG Cadets and their families!

The upcoming 2017 year is an important year as the year long celebrations of the 150th anniversary of  Canadian Confederation kick-off! Ottawa will be a principal host to a lot of events that the Corps may be called upon to participate and help with. Guards cadets are very fortunate and are starting the New Year with a new Sponsor as mentioned at the Christmas dinner.  Please see the attached official Announcement / Presss Release.

Health, Happiness and Up The Guards to all for 2017!


Michel Asboth
ACL Liaison Oficer 2784(GGFG)
on behalf of the Staff and Support Committee volunteers