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Wednesday 26 April 2017

Sports Night

Appropriate Civilian Sportswear

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Legion Medal

Please review the attached letter regarding the Legion Medal.

Essays are due to the CO no later than April 5th.



High School Credits Available

Capt Sandy MacDonald has put a lot of work into creating a Cadet Co-op programme to earn High school credits.

The attached file has a lot of information. If interested please make contact with me. Capt MacDonalds contact is at the bottom of the forms if you or your parents have specific questions.


Credits Info


Happy New Year and Sponsorship Announcement

Happy New Year to all GGFG Cadets and their families!

The upcoming 2017 year is an important year as the year long celebrations of the 150th anniversary of  Canadian Confederation kick-off! Ottawa will be a principal host to a lot of events that the Corps may be called upon to participate and help with. Guards cadets are very fortunate and are starting the New Year with a new Sponsor as mentioned at the Christmas dinner.  Please see the attached official Announcement / Presss Release.

Health, Happiness and Up The Guards to all for 2017!


Michel Asboth
ACL Liaison Oficer 2784(GGFG)
on behalf of the Staff and Support Committee volunteers


On Target Article deadline

Guards Cadets do have some good writers! The deadline for submitting an article to ON Target Magazine is approaching! Seethe message from ACL of Canada below.

Michel Asbóth
ACL Liaison Officer

Hello All,

Only a few days left to submit your articles for this upcoming issue of On-Target, deadline is Nov 20th.   If you have a story to share about a corps activity, great event or an outstanding individual at your corps, make sure to get these in as soon as possible. 

 In the case that you might need a few extra days, contact me directly so we can work something out.


 Salut à tous, 

Il ne reste que quelques jours pour soumettre vos articles pour Droit-au-but, la date limite de soumission est du 20 nov.  Envoyez-nous vos articles au sujet d’évènements spéciaux, activités des corps de cadets et/ou au sujet d’individus exceptionnels aussitôt que possible.

Miss/Mlle Maxime Corneau
Communications Officer / Agent des communications
The Army Cadet League of Canada / La Ligue des cadets de l’Armée du Canada
1505 Avenue Laperriere Avenue, Suite 201  Ottawa, ON  K1Z 7T1
Telephone : 613-941-3730 / Cell : 613-608-1101 / TollFree : 1-877-276-9223


Follow us on Twitter: @armycadetleague


Esprit de Corps magazine article

Canadian Youth and Remembrance - Does it Matter?

In the latest Esprit de Corps magazine has printed the above mentioned article to their Cadet Corner page. This is a excellent read and also features a quote from our own Cadet M. Fairweather! Read the PDF here! a paper copy will be posted on our Builetin board at CSDH.