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Basic Fitness & Sports Course

The aim of this three-week course is to provide cadets with the fundamentals of fitness and recreational sports training, building upon what has been experienced at the Corps. This aim will be accomplished through the development of skills and the provision of ample opportunity for practical application. The course will promote the development of ethical sports conduct, sportsmanship and teamwork. By establishing a dynamic learning environment that exposes the cadets to a variety of fitness and recreational sports opportunities, this course will inspire the cadets to further pursue fitness and recreational sports training at the Corps and on the Fitness & Sports Instructor course. The cadets will be provided with the basic theoretical, technical, and practical skills required to assist in the delivery of the Corps fitness and recreational sports training program.

Prerequisites: Must be medically fit, have completed Red Star training, and be motivated to increase personal fitness.

Training Centres: Blackdown (Borden, ON), or Valcartier QC