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Fitness and Sports Instructor Course

The aim of this six-week course is to develop a specialist with the skills and subject matter knowledge required to perform the role of a fitness and sports instructor and a team leader for fitness and sports activities conducted at the Corps, during regionally directed activities and/or as a staff cadet at a CSTC. The aim of the course will be accomplished by providing dynamic and challenging training that includes ample opportunity for practical application. The cadets will learn theoretical and technical skills required to deliver the Corps physical education and recreational training program as specialist instructors. This course will ensure that the cadets are adequately prepared to face challenges at the Corps and as Staff Cadets at the CSTCs.

Prerequisites: Must be medically fit, have completed Silver Star training and have achieved the overall fitness incentive level bronze, as detailed IAW CATO 51-01 and CATO 14-18

Training Centres: Blackdown (Borden, ON), or Valcartier QC