3rd Annual Guards Cadet Post-Secondary Bursary

The 2784 Support Committee are pleased to announce the availably of the annual Guards cadet post secondary bursary for any cadet who has been accepted to post-secondary studies. This bursary can be used towards the cost of Trade-school, College or University studies. This is the third awarding from this most generous benefactor, past Cadet Commanding Officer Mr. David Luxton. The details have been confirmed and submissions are now open to all cadets of 2018-2019 finishing High-School and applying to any post-secondary institution. The appliations must be received no later than May 3rd for awarding in early June at ACR. Please see this Memorandum of Understanding for details to be posted to Corps Standing Orders.


This opportunity is unique the the Guards Cadets!

Up The Guards!

Michel Asboth
ACL - Liaison Officer

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