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Support Committee Election results for 2017-2018

Hello cadets, parents, friends, fans and supporters!

At the last Support Committee meeting an election was held from volunteers to form the new executive for the next cadet year.

Here are the results!

Support Committee Chair: Mrs Carol Kassis
Support Committee Vice-Chair: Mr Marc Rosove
Treasurer: Mrs Jes Viens
Secretary: Vacant

In the interim the Committee agred to rotate the secretarial duties to other volunteers each meeting to expose them to the committee procedures. Added to this executive we have other volunteers working Fundraising,  Public Relations and other taskings.

We are ALWAYS looking for more volunteers and welcome all newcomers to our open door meetings. The Support Committee meetings are held each second Wednesday of the month @ 6:30 at Cartier Square Drill Hall's 2nd floor Heritage Boardroom. Ask for directions from the commissionnaire after you have dropped off your cadet.

The committe also has the onging support of our Sponsor Hon. Col B. Brulotte of MaxSys and Patron Branch 595 (Strathcona) of the Royal Canadian Legion.

The outgoing Chair Mr. Ed Mitchell will remain on call and available to help, consult and assist with the transition. His dedication and initiative over many years giving his time, mentorship, facing challenges and stepping up to fill voids have been noticed and gretly appreciated by the Committee and the CO.

We can be reach at supportcommittee@2784ggfg.com if you have any questions.

Michel Asboth
Liaison Officer
Army Cadet League of Canada (ON)

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