Volunteer Job Offers

Our cadet Corps has been very fortunate to have a good group of volunteers to call on when needed and also to take on specific jobs and other tasks when needed. In the past two years we have seen a downturn in particiption and are making this callout for new volunteers.

In May we will be electing the next Executive and plan for the management of the 2018-2019 Support Committee along with filling in a need for new volunteers.

The CIC officers are supported by volunteers that are guided by the Army Cadet League (ACL) Liaison Officer. Those three streams of adult staff are very important and work together to provide training, financial support and guidance respectivley. The Support Committee and ACL are always in need of new help, new ideas and new energy.

Please share and distribute to your family and personal networks. Or volunteers are not obliged to be parents. They can be any extended family member, a member of the communty and even retiring cadets. Outgoing executive members and the ACL are and will be availalbe to help with the transition and learning.

Here are the Job descriptions for the positions we offer. We also can use your help and together share all our ideas to find solutions to help Canadaaès future leaders.

Michel Asboth

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