On Target Magazine with our own Cadet Bulger's article

We have a talented writer amoungst the Guards cadets read her article in the latest issue of OnTarget Magazine. Click on link below!
Disponible aussi en français au deuxième liens!

Up The Guards!

Spring/Summer issue of On-Target has 40 pages filled with great articles written by cadets, CIC officers, League members, volunteers and parents.

 In this issue:   

  • 2784 GGFG Cadet Bulger's article "What You Get Out of Cadets is What You Put into it
    - My Experience" - Page 39
  • Five Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps awarded prestigious grant – page 4
  • Army Cadets receive Cadet Commendations—pages 6& 7
  • Eighteen Army Cadets Expedition to South America, Chile—page 9
  • My Journey to the Para Course—page 18
  • A Proud Parent—page 29

 And MUCH more…

 Available online here:


 La toute dernière édition (version électronique) de DROIT-AU-BUT est maintenant disponible sur notre site Web.  Quarante pages d’articles écrits par des cadets, des officiers CIC, des membres de Ligue, des bénévoles et des parents, incluant les articles suivants : 

  • Cinq corps de cadets de l’Armée canadienne reçoivent une bourse prestigieuse  – page 4
  • Des cadets reçoivent les citations des cadets—pages 6& 7
  • Expédition au Chili pour dix-huit cadets de l’Armée—page 9
  • Aller chercher ses ailes—page 18
  • Une mère de cadets fière —page 29
  • Chez les cadets, on récolte ce qu’on l’on sème - Mon expérience - page 39

 Et beaucoup plus…

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2784 The Governor General's Foot Guards Cadets

The Governor General Foot Guards Cadet Corps, is part of the largest youth group in Canada, the Canadian Cadet Organization.  Its members are young men and women aged 12-18 interested in leading an active lifestyle, learning more about being engaged citizens, and developing an interest in the Canadian Forces.

Our cadets take part in diverse programs including marksmanship, biathlon, orienteering, military band; and a wide array of nationally directed standardized training. The program include: outdoor activities, trekking and camping, training in survival skills, team sports, first aid, and athletics.  The instructional courses emphasize community service and social responsibility, development of the skills necessary for healthy group interaction, and preparation for entering adulthood. This training is then applied in the field on exercises at various outdoor locations, and cadets are encouraged to apply what they have learned to other school and social endeavors.

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