What we're up to:
Nov 25 - Tag Day
Ceremonial Dress with Parka
Nov 26 - Biathlon and Marksmanship
Drill Hall
Nov 29 - Routine Training
Field Training Uniform
Dec 6 - CO's Parade
Ceremonial Dress
Dec 13 - Christmas Dinner
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2784 The Governor General's Foot Guards Cadets


The Governor General Foot Guards Cadet Corps, is part of the largest youth group in Canada, the Canadian Cadet Organization.  Its members are young men and women aged 12-18 interested in leading an active lifestyle, learning more about being engaged citizens, and developing an interest in the Canadian Forces.

Our cadets take part in diverse programs including marksmanship, biathlon, orienteering, military band; and a wide array of nationally directed standardized training. The program include: outdoor activities, trekking and camping, training in survival skills, team sports, first aid, and athletics.  The instructional courses emphasize community service and social responsibility, development of the skills necessary for healthy group interaction, and preparation for entering adulthood. This training is then applied in the field on exercises at various outdoor locations, and cadets are encouraged to apply what they have learned to other school and social endeavors.

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